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The blockchain is a decentralized database, which relies on a P2P transmission technology (a database in which information is not stored on a single computer, but on multiple machines connected to each other, called nodes).

Blockchain is a chain of blocks where transactions are recorded and validated. These are correlated to a time stamp (timestamp). Each block includes the hash (a non-invertible computer algorithmic function that maps an arbitrary length string into a predefined length string) of the previous block, connecting the blocks together. The connected blocks form a chain, where each additional block reinforces the previous ones.

The Blockchain is also a public and shared register consisting of a series of clients. The Blockchain automatically updates itself on each of the clients participating in the network. Every operation carried out must be automatically confirmed by all the individual nodes through cryptographic software. They verify a package of data defined by private key or seed, which is used to sign transactions, guaranteeing the digital identity of those who have authorized them.

This innovative system allows transactions to be carried out securely and quickly (transactions are almost immediate), allowing each client to purchase cryptocurrencies or start-up tokens of particular interest. Companies finance their projects by issuing tokens on specialized platforms, offering them to the public at a price below the expected value (ICO). Anyone can buy tokens based on the information about the project given by the emitter. The system allows the elimination of intermediaries and commissions on transactions or portfolio management.

Synergie Group issues eco-NANs on the WAVES platform. We have chosen WAVES for its ease of use and because it is expected to be one of the most popular in the future thanks to its new Waves NG protocol which will increase its potential to become a massive application.

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