Trustless and decentralized innovation is the choice

Our Corporate Governance is open, sustainable and concret

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The administration and control system
Integrity, transparency and correctness are the founding principles of the Synergie Group Corporate Governance system.

The Board of Directors

It is the body responsible for the strategic management of the company. Here are the profiles of its components.


We are aware that the solidity of a company is in the skills of its management.

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The Corporate Regulations
Vogliamo essere trasparenti in ogni ambito ed azione della nostra società.

Code of Conduct

It defines the main values that guide the action of Synergie Group. All Workforce is required to comply with the principles of the Code of Ethics.

The organizational structure of Synergie Group:


A Board of Directors;

A Control Body, which has the function of coordinating and controlling the Group's entire operations, and is composed of the Chief Executive Officer and the Heads of Operations and some of the Chief Executives;

A Management level, composed by the various chiefs of the operating sectors of the Group, who are directly related to the Control Body.

And the General Advisory Board, an outside body of the company, which is made up of a group of management and technology consultants.