Dream, Imagination, Development, Achievement and Synergy;

the elements of the human creative cycle.

When the human genius merges through the evolution of matter, then the most amazing ideas springs up to shape in constant transformation towards the possible.
Nothing is precluded for the Human Genius


Synergy, from the Greek "συνέργω" cooperate (word composed of "σύν" - "together" and "ἔργω" - "operate, act") is the exact synthesis of our motto. We are convinced that scientific-technological cooperation together with a philosophy aimed to endure and a shared common goal, we will reach the expected results. In the Synergie Group, competences, knowledge, genius, talent and passion converge and come together: tesserae of a common design.



We believe in man´s ability to assume the responsibility of maintaining the ecosystem balance on our planet. Part of our mission is to investigate and develop innovative systems to create green technology for the industrial sector in order to boost the Natural Capital growth. We promote, support and apply our proyect in the industrial fields. We contribute to feedfoward an eco-sustainable economic system based on new technology, responsibility, cooperation and consensus.





We aim to become, in the next ten years, a world reference in the recovery and transformation of steel dust (EAF Dust), converting a toxic waste into a raw material with high added value.

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Synergie Group Recycling Centers economical benefits for the steel mills.

Economical Benefits

Help the environment and save money.



Synergie Group studies, develops and implements projects for the steel and mining sector, with a high environmental impact, supporting the continuous research of technologies and process methods aimed at safeguarding human health and the ecosystem.


Specialized in the management of the recovery of fine waste streams from mining and metal industrial processing, with the help of high efficiency technological production systems, Synergie Group converts a potentially dangerous waste material into a by-product (eco-alloys) and an eco-inert slag.


Synergie Group creates and manages EAF Dust recycling centers based on the Clean Tech technology of the associate AIT Europa Engineering. Furthermore, the Group operates as a Trader of mineral raw materials and "ethical metals”.