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We protect the health and safety of our people


Synergie Group protect and safeguard the health and safety of every person who directly or indirectly participates in our company operations. Filling a great responsibility towards them, Synergie Group strives to ensure health and safety at work, through training courses, information and risk prevention.

In particular, Direct Employees follow a control procedure for the protection of their health described in the company's CSS (Company Safety and Sustainability).  Labour contracts also are governed by the CSS operating model which includes, in addition to periodic medical checks, the granting of specific safeguards to Direct Employees as a preventive measure.

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SEP - Sustainability Environment and People
We work responsibly to maintain the sustainability values of the company, as we believe that acting in a socially responsible manner means both promoting respect for people and their rights, guaranteeing their safety and safeguarding the environment.

SEP (Sustainability Environment and People)

The method of managing business operations.

Nunc aut nunquam

We believe in man´s ability to assume the responsibility of maintaining the ecosystem balance on our planet. Part of our mission is to investigate and develop innovative systems to create green technology for the industrial sector in order to boost the Natural Capital growth. We promote, support and apply our proyect in the industrial fields. We contribute to feedfoward an eco-sustainable economic system based on new technology, responsibility, cooperation and consensus.

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