The Human at the Center of the Universe

Human Rights, our compromise

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Human Rights and Health and Safety
Life and the future, our business philosophy and priorities


Precaution, prevention, protection and continuous improvement are the principles that inspire us.

Health & Safety

We protect the health and safety of our people.

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SEP and SynerCode
We work responsibly to maintain the sustainability values of the company, as we believe that acting in a socially responsible manner means both promoting respect for people and their rights, guaranteeing their safety and safeguarding the environment.

SEP (Sustainability Environment and People)

The method of managing business operations.

Ethical code

It defines the main values that guide the action of Synergie Group. All Workforce is required to comply with the principles of the Code of Ethics.

Endowed with reason and creativity, the Human Being is responsible for maintaining balance and preserving life on the Planet. Man invents, constantly creates and improves technologies and products to achieve his maximum well-being. The love for life, the desire to leave something transcendent pushes him, more than anything else, to realize his dream, to materialize what he imagined.

Although the perception of possessing these qualities is different in each of us, it is important to be aware of it: cultivating these talents, putting them at the service of our families, friends and communities produces positive effects in our society. We are exercising our freedom to choose to give life to something new.

Historically, Man has modified the environment to improve his life conditions, using land and natural resources at glance, not worrying about the equilibrium of Life as a whole.

Right to life is the the first of human rights. But how can we exercise it if we do not take action to stop the destruction of our ecosystem? What air, what sea, what land will we leave to our future generations? The choice in our hands is nunc aut numquam, now or never!

To exercise the right to life, Man must start from the awareness (reason) of being an integral part of the Earth's ecosystem, of its history and, therefore, of its future. Secondly, he must choose to contribute his own particular talents to make useful works (creativity) for himself, for the communities he is part of and for the environment. In fact humanity and the entire terrestrial ecosystem form, and together are, a vital system. By neglecting the environment, Man self-destructs.

We have chosen for responsibility, we work together to preserve Life, nunc aut numquam!