Innovation and sustainability

For a viable future a circular economy is the answer


The pressing need to find solutions to environmental and health problems, related to the industrial production processes of the metal and steel, in particular the disposal of toxic wastes deriving from these industrial activities, have prompted Synergie Group to study a new operating method that can definitively respond to it.

Through the application of the AIT EA Furnace Clean-Tech Technology, Synergie Group provides the steel mills with an innovative EAF Dust recycling service, capable of efficiently recovering 100% of the dust metal content in the form of unconventional ferroalloys (eco-alloy), high purity zinc cathodes and inert slag usable as a by-product for the mineral fiber or cement industry.

Synergie Group studies, develops and implements projects for the supply of dust recycling services, deriving from steel production.

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Synergie Group together with metal industry to innovate, through the application of new clean tech technologies and an efficient service will provide significant savings for the steel and other metals business. Synergie Group is the preferable ally for the solution of the metal industry environmental impact caused by the smelting dust of steel and for the recovery of metallic purposes in general.