Amor vincit omnia

Man guardian of the Earth, manager of its wealth


Synergie Group agrees totally with the ethical principles pursued by NATURA et RATIO, a non-profit Cultural Association based on the universal principles of Nature. From a scientific and high technological perspective we create a dimensional space towards a circular economy, open to the conquest of human knowledge coherent with fraternity and solidarity between men.

NATURA et RATIO, proposes a model of a political-economic philosophy aimed with a rational and sustainable use of natural resources and the use of application-oriented methodologies to safeguard the environment and to emphasize the human effort employed in this matter. We will associate with entities such as Universities and Research Institutes along with entrepreneurship in order to pursue our ultimate goal “Producing high clean technology to act as a metabolic process in the industrial segment in order to create a multisector circular economy and a resilient environment”.

For this reason Synergie Group proposes to:

  • Promote the development of technical entrepreneur initiatives to implement sustainable processes of natural resources, multisector circular socio-economic development and environmental care as a resilient system.

  • To link national and international high technology operators in favor of a circular economy in the industrial segment in order to gain scientific and technologic insight.

  • Implement cooperation proposals that aim to produce the expected results of a multisector circular economy and a resilient entrepreneurship.