Recycling Project

Synergie Clean-Tech Recycling Center Ferrania Projetc

- Progress -

Given the non-eligibility of the Ferrania Project to the call for state funding by Invitalia S.p.A. (Law 181/89 - pursuant to the Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development of 9 June 2015 and of the Implementing Circular of 6 August 2015, No. 59282), and following the appeal opened between our company Pegaso Systems S.r.l. and Invitalia SpA, we are negotiating with the institution so that we are granted a non-repayable loan, to cover at least 30% of the financial requirements necessary for the realization of the initiative, a useful contribution to support and guarantee the lenders interested in investing in the project, through the innovative crowdfunding system managed by the Blockchain (ITO).


Furthermore Synergie Group, through the company Pegaso Systems S.r.l. of Genoa (Company identified by the Group for the presentation of the Project to Invitalia and charged with developing and managing the future plant in Ferrania), it is organizing specific public relations preparatory to the realization of the Project itself. In this sense, Synergie Group, through Pegaso Systems Srl, is opening collaborative relationships with:


- The Municipality of Cairo Montenotte
- The Liguria Region
- The Union of Industrialists of Savona


We inform you that once the fundraising has been completed, through the ITO (crowdfunding), the practices of Integrated Environmental Authorization (AIA) will be started pursuant to Legislative Decree 152 of 2006. Furthermore, all the authorization procedures will be started necessary for the construction of the shed and the installation of the industrial plants.

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