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Synergie Clean-Tech Ferrania, the first EAF Dust Recycling Center of Synergie Group that will realize in Italy

Synergie Group will realize in Italy, through the company Pegaso Systems S.r.l. of Genoa, its First EAF Dust Recycling Center, in the industrial area of Ferrania in the municipality of Cairo Montenotte (SV). The choice of location is the result of careful research of a strategic area suitable for the construction of particular recycling plants.

The project will be developed on an area of ​​20,000 square meters of land, on which approximately 5000 square meters of warehouses will be erected, in which the technologies suitable for the processing of EAF Dust steelworks powders will be installed. The size of the properties are designed for a subsequent production expansion.

In order to maintain the business philosophy of circular economy, dictated by Synergie Group, the Project will have the following technical characteristics:
  • A powders treatment plant will be installed, supplied by the South African AIT Ltd, composed of a 3.5 MVA furnace, capable of treating up to 11,000 tons / year of austenitic steelmaking EAF powders.
  • A zinc oxide refining plant will be installed, coming from the fusion fumes of the AIT "Clean-Tech" smelting plant, which will be treated, producing zinc cathodes to be sold on the metal market at the LME value. This innovative technology, called "Ezinex", capable of producing up to 1,800 tons / year of zinc cathodes, will be provided by the Italian industry Engiitec S.p.A.
  • A fiber line will be installed capable of transforming the waste produced by the melting process of AIT's "Clean-Tech" technology in mineral wool, which will be sold on the insulation market. The fiber line has a production capacity of 900 kg / h of mineral wool and will be supplied by the Italian Gamma Meccanica industry.
  • An innovative heat recovery system will be installed for the oven fumes to pre-heat the incoming powders of the same oven, developed ad hoc by the Italian company MST Technology S.p.A. This will give the Recycling Center an advantage in terms of containing energy consumption.

More details of the project can be seen in the Business Plan published on the site, by clicking on the button below.
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Synergie Clean-Tech Recycling Center Ferrania, Process Flow and  the products.

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