Circular economy is the basic unit of Reconomy

Nunc aut nunquam


The current health status of the planet and in particular climate change, the extinction of animal and plant species, the pollution of groundwater, land and the atmosphere caused by the anthropization of the natural environment, must make us reflect on the our current life system. Criticism must focus on the system used by human society to subsist and increase his quality of life. Is it a system in harmony with natural law? It is a sustainable system that imposes the dogma of infinite economic growth within a finite body, what is the Earth? This dichotomy suggests the answer: no, the current economic-political system, based on linear economy and consumption, is not combined with the law of nature and is a clear cause of environmental degradation and social inequality. It is therefore necessary to create an economic system for a resilient humanity and ecosystem, capable of harmonizing human activities and the environment, and which is itself resilient compared to the "conventional" one: the Reconomy.

Reconomy is founded on the criterion of natural growth of the Human Being corresponding to his innate creative talent and his capacity for realization which, in a continuum of knowledge, tend to improve the quality of life.

The Reconomy neither limits nor represses the spontaneous propensity of Man to think, to study or to realize his own ideas. On the contrary, stimulating the awareness of being himself a creature integrated with the terrestrial ecosystem, the Reconomy constitutes for it a new field of action. The Reconomy, therefore, determines a goal, the safeguard of life on the planet, and new methods to achieve it: the use of Blockchain technology and Clean Tech technologies.

Until a few years ago, the concept of Reconomy could seem utopian, but with the creation, diffusion and application of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it can take shape and become an innovative economic-financial model. In fact, the blockchain protocol offers decentralization, peer-to-peer transmission, transparency, infallibility, unassailable data. The first application of the blockchain was the Bitcoin, the first digital currency. Today there are already hundreds of cryptocurrencies and options (tokens) created and issued online to finance projects through the widespread collection of funds. The blockchain is the necessary tool to create an economic-financial system that self-determines, feeds itself, that is resilient and democratic, a Reconomy.

All Clean Tech technologies are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving the efficiency of industrial processes and, in particular, the recycling of urban or industrial waste. The creation of companies based on these technologies has a positive impact on the environment, on society and on the economy in general. The Reconomy establishes and promotes human development works aimed at producing products through the prevalent or exclusive use of "secondary raw materials" obtained from all recycling processes, and in particular from those that create Circular Economies. Unlike the current economic-political system that adopts the GDP as a unit of measurement, the Reconomy calculates its result on the basis of less impact on the environment and the greater well-being of the community, as it is integrated and functional to the ecosystem and because it self-determines and it feeds itself with its own means and through its results.

Reconomy designs the rules of a resilient economy for a resilient civilization that coincides with the planet natural resilient propensity.

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