the whole is more than the sum of its parts

Precaution, prevention, protection and continuous improvement are the principles of our Team


We work responsibly to apply the company's sustainability values, as we believe that acting in a socially responsible manner means promoting respect for people and their rights, guaranteeing their safety and safeguarding the environment.

For this purpose, Synergie Group devotes a section of the Control Body to the SEP (Sustainability Environment and People), a method of managing business operations in which the values of integrity, a policy of equal opportunities, and professional development are promoted. In particular we focus on the wellbeing and protection of the health of every Synergie Group activity member and of the territories in which we operate.

We work to ensure that always there is a sharing of knowledge and ideas among those who work or collaborate on our projects. Synergy is the key of our business strategy.

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Human Rights, Health and Safety
Life and the future, our business philosophy and priorities

Human Rights

The Human Being, the creature responsible for keeping the Planet's life in balance.

Health & Safety

We protect the health and safety of our people.

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Synergie Group supports research and development of green innovative technologies.



Knowledge management in Synergie Group.

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SEP - Sustainability Environment and People
We work responsibly to maintain the sustainability values of the company, as we believe that acting in a socially responsible manner means both promoting respect for people and their rights, guaranteeing their safety and safeguarding the environment.

Il SEP (Sustainability Environment and People)

The method of managing business operations.

Since a long time we know that human activities framed in the scheme of linear economy have negative consequences on our planet, that makes it no longer sustainable. We know that our current behavior will heavily influence the ecosystem and therefore must be changed. We are also aware that the time to return to live according to laws of nature is almost expiring.

Together we can transform this awareness into works capable of determining a change in our lifestyles, a decrease of natural resources consumption and the preservation of life on our planet, for us and especially for those who come after us.

The future is now: awareness alone is not enough to achieve an effective change in global economic dynamics. We need tangible works and a common and shared effort to achieve them. We need ideas, means, energy, knowledge and the will of many to serve the common goal: the protection of the environment and life.

The Synergie Group's work aims to be a virtuous example of how it is possible to realize an industrial activity, financed by a fundraising distributed through the blockchain, capable of producing a fair profit and, at the same time, contributing to solving the negative environmental impact caused by mines and metal industries wastes, in particular the metal dusts.

Nunc aut nunquam

We believe in man´s ability to assume the responsibility of maintaining the ecosystem balance on our planet. Part of our mission is to investigate and develop innovative systems to create green technology for the industrial sector in order to boost the Natural Capital growth. We promote, support and apply our proyect in the industrial fields. We contribute to feedfoward an eco-sustainable economic system based on new technology, responsibility, cooperation and consensus.

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