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The ENEXAL project took place at the ALSA industrial site in Agios Nikolaos - Greece, starting from 28 May 2010 and ended on 27 May 2014. The EU Commission has contributed to the realization of the project with a grant of approximately Euro 5,000,000 and has recognized and certified the results in November 2014.

The aim of the project was to provide the aluminum industry with "green" technologies aimed at a significant increase of the energy efficiency in the production process, a substantial reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and the elimination of solid waste (red mud).

AIT's Clean Tech technology has been successfully adopted to recycle red mud. The project has shown that EAF Clean Tech transforms solid waste such as red mud or steel dusts in an inert slag that can be used as raw material for the production of mineral wool, and recovers the totality of metals content in the form of ingots, usable as by-product in the steel production process.

The Enexal Project was conducted by a consortium of European companies and universities including:
ALSA (Alouminion AE - Coordinator)
NTUA (Athens Technical University)
RWTHA (Technical University of Rhein-Westphalia)
ETHZ (Engineering school - University of Zurich)
SIRMIUM STEEL (steel plant)

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We believe in man´s ability to assume the responsibility of maintaining the ecosystem balance on our planet. Part of our mission is to investigate and develop innovative systems to create green technology for the industrial sector in order to boost the Natural Capital growth. We promote, support and apply our proyect in the industrial fields. We contribute to feedfoward an eco-sustainable economic system based on new technology, responsibility, cooperation and consensus.

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