Synergie Group Code of Conduct


The Synergie Audit, a monitoring procedure, implemented by internal audition to verify and control any violations to the SynerCode, detected by:


  • Verification activity by Synergie Group

  • The signaling

  • The periodic monitoring activity carried out by the Synergie Group


The results of the verification are submitted to the Head of Control Unit, who submits them to the Synergie Group Board of Directors for evaluation of any measures. In any case, violations and sanction measures are commensurate with the severity of the facts found and with the laws in force in individual countries, where Synergie Group, either directly or through subsidiaries, and affiliated companies operates.
Signals are charged by the Synergie Group Control Manager SynerCode and managed according to the Control Procedure established in the Code.


How to report a violation to SynerCode::


The reports are taken over by the SynerCode Responsible of the Synergie Control Body and managed according to the Control Procedure established in the Code.

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Synergie Group, within its Governance, has provided a Control Body for the entire operation of the company. A section of the same is dedicated to SynerCode, the Code of Ethics or Code of Conduct, which guarantees Group companies and Customers a standard of conduct based on the efficient procedures of those who participate in the activity promoted by Synergie Group.

The SynerCode applies to:

  • All managers of Synergie Group and its subsidiaries, and associates.

  • All full-time and part-time employees of the Group.

  • All temporary staff and companies who act in the name, and on behalf of Synergie Group all over the world.

  • All suppliers and consultants who have long-standing business relationships with Synergie Group.