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Synergie Group was established in September 2017 in Malta, with the aim of promoting at global level the industrial use of the “CleanTech” tecnology, an innovative and revolutionary step forward in the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) smelting techniques, applied to inorganic  fine dusts and powders, mainly originating from the metal and mining industries,  converting these potentially hazardous materials into raw material and eco-friendly inert slag.
Mines and metallurgical industries, in fact, generate large quantities of wastes, in a variety of forms, such as dusts, fines, slag, etc., whose recovery, treatment or disposal is difficult and expensive. Thanks to the ability of the "Clean Tech" EAFs to transform these metal wastes and ores in high added value raw materials, avoiding the difficult and costly pre-agglomeration processes, so generating economical advantages to the mining and metal industries, Synergie Group wishes to become a strong, affordable and valuable partner for intelligent environmental solutions.

A new environmental
technological horizon of
Synergie Group

The Mission of
Synergie Clean-Tech
  1. To promote on the European, Asean and US markets  the "Clean-Tech" EAFs.
  2. To project and finance the establishment of recycling centers where the "Clean-Tech" EAFs are applied, for the recovery of fine inorganic wastes generated by the metal and mining industries.
  3. To undertake R&D and engineering activities, with the aim of promoting the further development of the "Clean-Tech" EAFs and their integration with other technologies, in order to achieive projects with zero waste impact and a real circular economy.
Synergie Group Clean-Tech Recycling Process is the innovative recovery system of the stainless steel EAF Dust. Clean-Tech is the future of the recycling of steel fine wastes. It turns a current toxic waste into raw materials for the same steel mills that produced it, generating a virtuose circular economy.
Clean-Tech is the most cost effective and performing integrated production system on the market for the recycling of metal fines residues. The integration consists in the adoption of an automated handling and batch system, a Clean Tech furnace combined with a Ezinex hydrometallurgical process. The result is the complete recovery of all the waste metal content in form of valuables by-products.
Through the Clean-Tech Recycling Process, Synergie Group is the best ally for steel companies and the best solution to the EAF Dusts and other fine waste related disposal problem.

Operative Model of
Synergie Group Metal Fines Recycling Center

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